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There are moments in our lives when we arrive at Crossroads. You may be standing at one right now, map in hand, scratching your head and trying to make sense of which way to go.

You may be feeling powerless, lost, or stuck.

I believe that these Crossroads can become transforming rites of passage. They bring us to a point in our journeys where roads divide, and we are called to find the road less travelled.

You may be feeling this as a voice deep inside yourself calling to you. You may be looking at your relationship and feeling the need to stretch beyond it or deepen into it. You may be looking at the work you have been doing and feeling a sense of disquiet and discontent.

It’s that nagging and subtle or perhaps obvious sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction… A need to become more, feel more, experience more.

No doubt this can be challenging and unsettling. The foundation on which you have built much of your life, relationships or work is starting to shift. It is as if the canvas of your life painting is needing to creak open and expand.

Here it is where our paths meet…

About Cristina

I am a professionally qualified counsellor and coach, and I am currently undertaking a Master of Psychotherapy and Counselling.

In my previous life I used to work as a pharmacist, but since migrating to Australia, thirteen years ago, I realised that I no longer wished to work as a pharmacist.

In needing to re-start my personal and professional lives from zero as well as find my own answers, strengths, and soul stamina, I became increasingly interested in the psychological and emotional aspects of health and wellbeing, and progressively disenchanted with compounding and dispensing medicines. 

Ultimately this interest led me to a total career change. I now work as a counsellor supporting women to restore power, wellbeing and purpose in their lives – one conversation at a time.

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It will be an honour to walk this journey with you!