I offer individual holistic coaching and mentoring sessions for women (in English or Brazilian Portuguese) via web conferencing (Zoom or Skype). 

Making an appointment:

All appointments are scheduled in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).  

Fees (in Australian dollars):

:: 1/ 60-minute web conferencing session: AU$ 75.

A 30 minutes complementary session is offered, in order for us to establish whether we can work together.

Discounted sessions are available for international students in Australia. Please, contact us for more details.

Payment Method:

Payment must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled session via PayPal Me or bank account transfer (if you are in Australia). Appointments will only be confirmed after the payment has been received.

Would you like to have a chat?

Book your 30 minutes complimentary session today by choosing your preferred day and time on my scheduling page below.

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It will be an honour to walk this journey with you!

Let Your Light Shine…

“As I light the candles of my hopes and dreams, my true path shines before me. I take a deep breath and hold gratitude in my heart for all the amazing gifts in my life. I leave behind my old thought patterns and promise myself to walk in my own light. I dare myself to dream big and believe everything is possible. Each candle is a symbol of my strength, my courage, my love, my family, my friends, my dreams… my world lights up as I allow my inner light to shine… I see how truly blessed I am and never ever give up!” ~ Lisa Pollock