I offer one-on-one transformational and immigration coaching and mentoring sessions for women (in English or Brazilian Portuguese) via web conferencing (Zoom or Skype).

What is transformational coaching/mentoring?

Transformational coaching/mentoring is a purposeful and co-creative partnership between coach and client, with an intention to facilitate and support the client’s process of personal, professional and/or spiritual development – one conversation at a time.

My coaching/mentoring approach:

I believe that my clients are naturally creative and resourceful, and that they are the only experts in their own internal world. Therefore, my role as a coach/ mentor it is to work with you to help you understand yourself more fully, break free from inner barriers and reconnect to your inner strength and wisdom. With greater self-awareness and trust in yourself, you will become more empowered to make authentic and mindful changes, leading to a more satisfying and meaningful life.

My coaching/mentoring style is holistic and uses a blend of different tools and modalities, such as:

:: Life Coaching and Counselling theories.

:: The philosophy and techniques of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

:: The principles and practices of Mindfulness.

Making an appointment:

All appointments are scheduled in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Fees (in Australian dollars):

:: 1/ 60-minute web conferencing session: AU$ 75.

A 30 minutes complementary session is offered, in order for us to establish whether we can work together.

Discounted sessions are available for international students in Australia. Please, contact us for more details.

Payment Method: 

Payment must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled session via PayPal Me. Appointments will only be confirmed after the payment has been received.

Would you like to have a chat?

Take your time to learn more about me and if you would like to have a chat, book your 30 minutes complimentary session today by contacting me here or sending a voice message (don’t be shy!).

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I am looking forward to connecting with you.

About Coaching

“In a postmodern age we all need a room of our own. A room – or space – where we can explore and reflect on how the rapidly changing world affects us. A room where it is possible to get a feeling of who we are, and wish to be, in the middle of the buzz of our everyday lives. Where it is possible to explore our challenges and possibilities and thus become a more robust human being. Where we can think of our relationships and interactions. Where we can have a break and some relief and where we can summon the energy to act – or not to act – in our lives. Coaching is way of providing the space for such thoughts, reflections, and insights into our possibilities.” ~ Ulla Charlotte Beck